Anti-Racism Group: For an Equal Society

AAUW NOCB launched the Anti-racism Study Group in October 2020. Members read books,
articles, and watch videos and movies, and then discuss what they learn about how better to be
an anti-racist. Systemic anti-racism includes systems that do not value people of color as much
as white, women as much as men, and queer as well as heterosexuals. The Study Group has merged with the Atlantic County branch’s group called “For a more Equal Society” led by Carolyn Bassett.  They meet via zoon on the second Thursday of each month from 1-2 pm to read and discuss articles.  All are welcome at any time.

Chair: Jane Pearlman

Books at Perks, Plate & Binder

Books at Perks and Plate & Binder are book discussion study groups that meet once a month  to share refreshments and discuss the current selection. Books are provided by the Ocean County Library and distributed to members each month. During the summer months there are free choices.

Co-Chairs: Lenora Donatiello, Diane Becza, Marlene Pigut, Marie Hagemann

Community Service

The NOCB-AAUW Branch sponsors two community service projects.

  • To promote the AAUW’s initiatives on STEM, our branch supports the TeenTech program to be held at Georgian Court University.
  • To further support young women in our area, the branch sponsors an Anti-bullying conference at Georgian Court University with the help of The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore and a charitable trust grant from AAUW.

Chair: Pamela Coratti Saavedra

Cozy Quilters and Olive Yarns

Cozy Quilters meets monthly to have dessert and then work on independent projects.  The group also provides instruction in new techniques and support when designing new quilts.  Periodically, the group members offer a challenge to do the same quilt design, but with different fabrics.  Finally, the group creates and donates quilts for fundraising or to charitable organizations.

Olive Yarns Is a knitting and crocheting group for beginners through experts.  Members meet monthly, usually jointly with the Cozy Quilters, to have dessert and then work on independent projects.

Chair: Dixie Moore

Cultural Events

  • The Theater Group attends plays performed in NYC and local theaters such as Strand, Algonquin, Red Oak and Count Basie Theaters.
  • The Museum Group plans trips to New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey state museums to view special programs.
  • The Road Trip group organizes visits to other interesting sites in NJ such as the Turtleback Zoo.
  • The Gourmet Group meets twice a year in homes or restaurant for a themed event.

Chair: Virginia Renehan

AAUW Funds

The AAUW Funds supports educational and lifelong learning opportunities that give women a chance for a lifetime of success. Some of our programs include Fellowships and Grants; the Fellows Alumnae Initiative, which inspires women by providing access to the network of past and current AAUW fellows and grantees; and the Undergraduate Scholarship Clearinghouse, which educates women by allowing students to find and apply for much-needed scholarships from AAUW branches across the country.

Chair: Barbara Tuzio


The Northern Ocean County Branch Board plans fundraising activities each fiscal year. These are used to fund and support: branch activities, branch scholarships, AAUW initiatives, and the Educational Opportunities Fund. Upcoming projects to be announced.

Chair: Karen Keating, Maureen Mitchell

International Relations

The NOCB-AAUW International Relations chair travels to and shares information about AAUW with members of the International Federation of University Women members (15 countries thus far).   The branch gives a donation to their scholarship fund.

Chair: Marlene Snedaker

Legal Advocacy Fund

The Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) works to challenge sex discrimination in higher education and the workplace. Its resources range from community outreach programs to legal referrals and backing of major cases.  Since 1981 the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund has helped students, faculty, staff, and administrators in higher education challenge discriminatory practices such as sexual harassment, denial of tenure or promotion, pay inequity, and inequality in women’s athletics programs.

Chair: Joanne Pisapia

Public Policy

The NOCB Chair of Public Policy keeps the branch informed about AAUW programs and progress on AAUW initiatives. This enables the branch to support AAUW efforts for higher education, especially for women in poverty and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), as well as affirmative action and global and national policies such as combatting Human Trafficking.

Chair: Jane Pearlman

Scholarship Committee

The AAUW NOCB awards four scholarships annually. The Scholarship Committee develops the criteria for these scholarships and reviews the applications.  For more information on these scholarships, link to the Scholarships page.

Chair: Karen Keating